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Hi I'm Eric Barro I've been there and I've done that!
Looking to migrate from your existing system to NetSuite? I was part of a team that migrated the data and business processes from Oracle EBS to NetSuite. Using SuiteScript, NetSuite's programming environment as well as SuiteTalk, I developed custom modules for business processes that were not handled by NetSuite out-of-the-box.

Looking to customize your NetSuite implementation? I have developed Client Scripts, Scheduled Scripts, User Event Scripts, Suitelets, RESTlets, and Map/Reduce Scripts that have saved countless man hours for end users and their organizations in vertical markets such as Retail/E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Education, and Information Technology.

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Personal Qualities

Forward Thinker

I look beyond the application layer and try to understand the customer and their business processes to fully appreciate the bigger picture and how each part plays in terms of the organization's goals.

Service and
Growth Mindset

I understand who my customer is -- my customer is anyone who is involved in the business processes. I seek to understand their goals and how they use and interact with the applications in order to provide a better user experience and help them do their jobs efficiently.


Being able to communicate ideas and concepts effectively and efficiently is one of my passions. Visual cues and proper terminology and messaging as well as well-thought-out work flow help communicate to the user how the application can make them more efficient in their tasks.

Strong Analyst

I have the ability to visualize what a customer experiences when they have issues with an application or user interface. I like to observe how my customer uses an application especially one that I have developed and understand how they interact with the user interface and work flow.

Problem Solver

I look at a problem from all sides and I'm very good at investigating and diagnosing issues before they become problems. I am also able to put myself in my customer's shoes and see it from their vantage point and seek to approach the solution that will be beneficial to them.

Thoughtful Diplomat

I understand that everyone has their own point of view based on their training, exposure, and upbringing and experiences in life. I focus on listening and picking up on the non-verbal cues and consider a person's point of view.

What I do?

Vertical Market Expertise


Integrating with retail partners via their SOAP and/or REST APIs.


Supporting business processes via ERP implementations.


Providing timely and accurate reporting tools for financial accountability.


Supporting insurance inspection business processes via web-based applications.


Supporting educational institutions with state-of-the-art student management systems.


Developing custom solutions using the latest web and database technologies.

Lines of Code
Years of Experience
Vertical Markets
What I'm good at

My Skills

Skill Level













Microsoft SQL Server


Oracle PL/SQL



Ateneo de Manila University
Computer Technology Center

University of the Philippines
College of Architecture

Ateneo de Manila University


Work Experience

NetSuite ERP Developer 2019 - Present


I have just started a new engagement with a jewelry wholesale distribution company who is currently implementing Netsuite. My role is to develop customizations using Netsuite's Suitescript 2.0 technologies that align with the organization's business processes and goals.

Find out more about my achievements here.

NetSuite ERP Developer 2015-2019


At Huppins/OneCall, I was a member of a team of developers whose sole focus is developing customized solutions for the organization's business processes. My day-to-day focus is in developing customized solutions using SuiteScript 1.0 and 2.0 as well as developing and supporting SuiteTalk applications as the need arises.

Find out more about my achievements here.

C#, ASP.Net and Oracle PL/SQL Developer 2010-2015


At Huppins/OneCall, I was a member of an IT team that supported the organization's ASP.Net web-based applications with data-driven by several Oracle databases. I have been involved in developing Oracle stored procedures to support business processes related to consumer retail activities ranging from bringing in customer orders, sending inventory and pricing feeds as well as developing timely and accurate reporting tools to monitor the on-going retail activity.

Find out more about my achievements here.

EPICOR Vantage ERP Developer 2009-2010


At Pandamic, I was a member of a development team whose responsibilities included customizing modules to support Major Brands, a leading Missouri-based distributor of premium beverages. Major Brands used EPICOR Vantage ERP and we customized several modules related to their business activities. The technologies used to customize EPICOR were C# .Net and Progress.

Find out more about my achievements here.

INFOR Syteline ERP Developer 2006-2009


At Esterline Advanced Input Systems, I was one of two developers tasked with developing customizations for INFOR Syteline's ERP. Using C# and Microsoft SQL Server technologies, I developed customized solutions to support the manufacturing business processes. I also developed several ASP.Net web-based applications to support several manufacturing processes.

Find out more about my achievements here.

C#, ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL Server 1998-2006


At Advanced Field Services, an insurance inspection company based in South Orange County, California serving the lower 48 states, I developed the company's main application to manage the growing business of insurance inspections using Microsoft Access and eventually migrated the system to a web-based application supported by a Microsoft SQL Server database back-end. I also developed the company's very first web site.

Find out more about my achievements here.

SASIxp Student Administrative System 1995-1998


At MACRO Educational Systems, a vertical market software provider of student administrative systems for schools, I consulted as a subject matter expert on the software and provided on-site training and served as the liasion for the technical support team for International Schools in Asia (Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong).

Find out more about my achievements here.

FilePro 16/Cougar Mountain Accounting 1990-1998


At Faith Academy Manila, an educational institution for the children of missionaries stationed in the Far East, I was the Director of IT managing a team of IT professionals tasked with supporting the administrative and financial business processes. Part of my responsibility was overseeing the department's day-to-day operations as well as having accountability for a budget to ensure the continued operation and growth of the systems.

Find out more about my achievements here.


Current Achievements

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November 25, 2018 | NetSuite | 10

Amazon MWS Integration

Developed modules that integrate NetSuite with Amazon MWS to replace current SuiteTalk applications developed in C# .Net

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October 14, 2018 | NetSuite | 8

Transfer Orders/Work Orders

Developed modules for generating Transfer Orders and Assembly Work Orders triggered from saved searches.

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September 1, 2018 | NetSuite | 6

Automated Billing

Converted automated billing process from SuiteScript 1.0 to 2.0 version.

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November 2, 2017 | NetSuite | 10

Mapping Engine

Developed modules for mapping XML, JSON, and CSV data formats for inbound and outbound data from 3rd party channels (eBay, Newegg, Sears, Walmart, Rakuten).

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March 15, 2018 | NetSuite | 8

Credit Card Swipe

Developed module for processing credit cards via swiping versus manual data entry.

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July 14, 2018 | NetSuite | 10

TaxJar Integration

Developed custom integration for replacing AVATAX with TaxJar for calculating sales tax.

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